About : mammarazzi

Isis Torensma 1974, St. Annaparochie the Netherlands.
After different studies, travels and living abroad, now based in Utrecht the Netherlands. From here I work as a freelance photographer since graduating from the Utrecht school of the arts in 2000.
Working as a photographer I produce commissioned work as well as non commissioned work. If not working on one of my projects I also teach photography or photography related projects at schools or to different groups.
I love to sit and observe human nature and the world passing. I sometimes reflect or even just share a split moment of my observations. Some of my work is also quite personal. I examine myself and my surroundings by working in a way that is sometimes very intimate in concept, meaning or image.
In some of my personal work I focus on collecting. Different interests, ideas and fascinations urge me to collect different types of images which I arrange as series. Usually working on more projects at a time I never have my eyes closed. Most projects are ongoing and therefor always changing. Once I start collecting I become greedy for more. A good new photo in a series is like a new pair of shoes and makes me just as happy.

A selection of Clients and Company’s i have worked for
NIGZ/Jelly neck, Oracle, Postbank Nv, Slachtofferhulp Nederland. Atos Origin, Hogeschool Utrecht, Hogeschool Noord Holland. Impuls, Civic/NOV, Care, Actiz, Hogeschool TIO, ThiemeMeulenhof, City council of Utrecht ( gemeente Utrecht), Maxeda, Ministry of interior and kingdom relations ( binnenlandse zaken), ING Bank, KPN, Studio Vrijdag, Dietwee, Design Politie,

Hotel Arena, Amsterdam, June 2000 (group)
Arrondissementsbank Utrecht, June 2000 (group)
Louka klooster, Znojmo, Tsjechië, june 2000 (group)
SBKU aankoop ronde, Utrecht, december 2000 (group)
Cafe het Hart, Utrecht, juli 2001 (solo)
Academie galerie, utrecht, may 2002 (group)
Foam in het Vondelpark, Amsterdam, may 2002 (group)
“Een kijkje in de keuken”, Haagse Gevangenis, Den Haag,june 2002 (group)
Gemeentehuis Den haag, July 2002 (group)
Grafisch atelier Utrecht, june 2003, (solo)
Lombok Kunstweekend, dec 2003 (group)
Strowis Utrecht, Jan 2004 ( duo expo)
Museum café Lombok, may 2004 (group)
Stadhuis Utrecht, jan 2005 (group)

Nominations en stepends
Nomination Piet Bakkerprijs, 2000
Starters stipend gemeente Utrecht, 2003

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